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Privacy Policy – Movers Ranking – Moving Company Reviews 2022 – Compare Movers

Site Disclaimer

The platform is owned and operated by Moving Reviews and for the sake of this Privacy Policy, it will generally be referred to as “Our,” “We,” “Us,” or “Moving Reviews”. This Privacy Policy describes how Moving Reviews collects and uses information collected on this site. Before we continue, let’s make it clear here that we will not disclose any information collected from the users to the third party without your consent. Our policy does not state that the collection, use, and dissemination of information of any third party such as reviewers, moving companies, affiliates, or advertisers are not any other means other than Moving Reviews. It is advisable to always review the Privacy Policy of any third-party platform in the case of third party’s data collection, use, and disclosure. It is worthy of mentioning that this site contains links to other platforms; hence, we are not responsible for policy practices or content of any third party’s websites. By using this site, it implies that you have read through and agreed on this policy and you are ready to subject yourself to the provision of this Privacy Policy and as well as Terms of Use as contained in our “Terms of Use” page. However, if you have any objection to any of this Policy and Terms of Use, you are advised not to use the platform. In case you have any concerns or questions as regards this policy statement, don’t hesitate first to contact info@movingReviews.net. It has always been our primary goal to earn the trust and confidence of our user and to ensure they are comfortable using our platform; as a result, we don’t toy with your privacy. The following will give answers to all your questions regarding the use of our site:

What and How do you Collect Information?

Our site is free of charge to all visitors and users. You are free to browse through all reviews and ratings as needed without revealing your personal details. However, we would need some users or reviewers’ data to give ratings and reviews on any choice of moving companies. The mode of collection is into two categories; the one collected through “cookies” and the other one through third-party services such as Google AdSense cookies for behavioral advert display.

Whenever you want to submit rating and review on a mover (especially if it is your first time on the site), Moving Reviews will request you furnish us with some personal information to make your submission valid. Peradventure you have already registered on the platform, we only require your basic information like name, e-mail address, or/and password. These pieces of information are essential to send a validation email to you, and in case we want to communicate with you based on your request.

Other pieces of information gathered and stored in log files by Moving Reviews like other websites include browser type, Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, internet service provider (ISP), date/time stamp, operating system, exit/referring pages, or/and clickstream data. This is done to improve our service delivery to you, site functionality, analytics, and to enhance marketing.

How do you Share my Information?

Moving Reviews does not sell or trade your personal information to the third party. We will only share your personal details with the third party as described in our Privacy Policy. However, if you detest sharing your personal detail with third parties such as companies, kindly contact us. It is part of our system to provide useful information to our advertisers like companies who are directly or indirectly working with us to make the platform successful, but this can only be possible with your due authorization to do so.

Your personal information may also be shared with companies that offer services to aid and improve our activities in any way. In the case of filled cost calculator, free moving calculator, or quick moving quote form, Moving Reviews forward the information to our partnering moving brokers and companies that need the information submitted to furnish you with required commercial information as required by you. Note that the quick quote form details and moving reviews are two separate pieces of information collected from users and saved separately for different use. Moving Reviews and its partners employ the use of technologies like cookies or related hi-tech to run the site, analyze trends, gather statistical information about the user, and to track movements of users and visitors. However, users are at liberty to control the usage of the cookies at their browser level.

There are some special situations where we may be asked to disclose some personal information based on lawful demands by public authorities such as to meet law enforcement and national security requirements. Moving Reviews may as well publish your personal data as demanded by law, including adhering to bankruptcy proceedings, writs, or other related legal processes. While we believe that disclosure is unavoidable to protect our rights, we also protect your safety and the safety of others; respond to the request of the government to investigate fraudulent activities.

If we are involved in any acquisition, merger, or sale of a portion or all our assets or any transfer of ownership or uses of your details, all our users will be notified through email or any other channel of communicating as available on the website.

How Secure is my Privacy?

Moving Reviews takes your privacy seriously on the platform and offline. However, there is a limit to what we can do as regards what you disclose in your content, reviews, forum, and other interaction channels on the site. Users can leave detailed written reviews and comment messages on our posts so you can share your experience with other users. Don’t forget that whatever you post in the comment box or reviews submitted, they are directly meant for public consumption; hence, you should be cautioned when writing content on the platform.

Disclosing your email address or any personal information in your comment messages or reviews should be thought twice. Many users are in the habit of leaving their personal details such as email address with their review messages so that other users can contact them for possible moving discussion. We need to state clearly here that users are not obligated to include their email address in reviews or comment. However, you have done this in error, and you request personal information removed from your reviews or comments, kindly contact us at info@movingReviews.net.

There are some cases where Moving Reviews may not be able to tamper with your submitted personal information; whichever way, you will be notified the reason we may not help you to do so. Also, when responding to a review, all the information sent to the reviewer cannot be guaranteed how it will be handled by the reviewer.

In the case of a moving company or a representative of a mover; if you want to  sign up or update your account information, all your company information entered into the system is stored and secure with a password and only you and the site administrators can access it. You can also control the amount of information to be displayed to the public after you logged-in into the platform.

How will I know if your Privacy Policy is changed?

We always improve our website to meet up with trending technology to serve you better; hence, we may revise this Privacy Policy. If it is anything that involves the collection and use of your personal information, you will be notified accordingly. Moving Reviews will post any changes made on the platform so that you will be aware of the information we gather and how it might be used and as well as whether it will be disclosed to the third party. If your information is used as against the manner contained in this Privacy Policy at the collection time, you will be notified through email before we the change is effective. You can choose to direct us further whether to use your personal details in this new manner.

Also, in the case of material changes, where stored user information in our database is not affected; a notice will be posted on our platform notifying you before the change becomes effective. Moving Reviews will also notify users of any changes in our Privacy Policy via emails.

What are your Security Measures?

The security of your personal information is vital to Moving Reviews; hence, we take strong measures to protect it, keep it safe in our data centers and can only be accessible by an authorized individual as assigned by the policy of the site. Apart from the ones you decided to make public through reviews and posts or moving quote, all the personal information provided to the site is secure and only accessible to the site administrators for the purpose it is gathered.

We try our best to institute commercial security measures and control to protect fraud, misuse, loss and any alteration of your information in our possession as supplied to us. We take the measure of all the adverts on our site to safeguard your information on the platform. Unfortunately, the security of information cannot be totally guaranteed on the internet, but we strive to take measures by describing a clear Privacy Policy to secure your personal data. Whichever way be mindful of the kind of information provided on the site, as they are at your own risk.

Additionally, when collecting information related to credit card, Moving Reviews uses encryption known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL is the commercial standard for protecting web transaction privacy. On a final note, we cannot 100% guarantee the security of personal information provided on the site, but if you have an issue as regards the platform security, kindly contact us at info@movingReviews.net.

What is your Privacy Policy Limits?

Our platform contains advertisements and hyperlinks that can link to other sites if activated as given by your browser and it may force your browser to have access and run the contents therein. We don’t control or have an idea of their privacy policies, if at all they have. Hence, we are not liable for their displayed contents and privacy practices and Moving Reviews’ Privacy Policy does apply to those platforms. If you by any medium submit or expose your personal information or choose to initiate a hyperlink to those websites, you decided to do so at your risk. Their terms and privacy policies control your personal information. It is advisable to review their platforms’ Privacy Policy before submitting your personal information to them.

How can I Edit or Delete my Personal Information on the Site?

Moving Reviews will retain and keep your personal details for as long as your user account is live and active as required by the site to provide services to you as promised. If you are no longer enjoying our service or want to update your personal information, Moving Reviews allows you to amend, edit, update, correct, or remove/delete as appropriate. Upon request, we grant you access to perform whatever update you want on your account. You can request to delete your account or remove it from public forums, out of site testimonial or directory or deactivate your personal information from the site by sending a message to info@movingReviews.net.  Your request will receive attention immediately, and you will be able to access your account in a timely manner.

However, we need to state it clearly here that any information submitted through free moving calculator or quote form cannot be retrieved or modified because you entered the information into the moving companies’ database and they might have been stored to be used by the companies. You can only edit or remove your personal details by contacting each mover for accessing your personal information.

Once your account is active, we keep and use your information to perform tasks such as to resolve disputes, comply with legal obligations, and enforce our policy statement with you.

In the case of newsletter subscription, Moving Reviews will use your email address and name to send you newsletters. However, if you want to stop receiving a newsletter from us, you may choose to unsubscribe or stop receiving marketing emails or newsletters from us.

What about your Behavioral Advertising?

Moving Reviews partners with other third parties or platforms to either display ads on our platform or to manage our ads on other sites. However, we may not know how our third-party partners may apply technologies like cookies to collect information through your activities on the platform and other websites to offer you kind of ads posting based on your browsing interests and activities. You may wish to opt-out of these activities if you are not comfortable with interest-based advertisements, but this does not imply that you would opt-out of receiving generic ads.

How Secure is my Information on your Forums or Blogs?

Moving Reviews provides blogs, tips, comment areas and other categories of forums to educate and help our users in every area we can on the site. All your personal information you chose to disclose in the comment box on any of the posts or blogs become public and we do not guarantee its protection. Hence, if you don’t want to expose your personal information such as email address, name, and phone number to the third parties, avoid include such in your posting or comments in the forum. This will prevent you from receiving unsolicited messages and calls from third parties on the site.

What about your Social Media Widgets?

Moving Reviews has social media features including the “Facebook Like” button and as well as widgets like the “Share this” button or other running interactive mini programs on the site. These social media and widgets features may collect your Internet Protocol (IP) address, set cookies to make the feature function perfectly, and the page you are browsing on Moving Reviews. Remember that these features are either hosted directly by our platform or by a third party; hence, all your interactions with them are under the company Privacy Policy, so it is advisable to take caution in providing sensitive information about yourself.

What if I have Further Inquiries?

We are always at your service.  Should you have further questions about the activities of this site, the Privacy Policy, or the use of this platform, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@movingReviews.net or reach out to us through our contact page.

How can I be sure of your Total Adherence to your Privacy Policy?

This Privacy Policy binds us and if by any means you discover that we have not adhered to the statement of this Privacy Policy, kindly email us at info@movingReviews.net. We promise to make every effort to address your issues promptly.

Acceptance of Terms:

By registering and using this platform, Moving Reviews believes you accept and agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. If otherwise, don’t use this site, as we stand by all our policy statements. If you disagree with our policy statement, kindly exit the site and don’t fill any moving quote form on the platform.

Contact Us:

Don’t hesitate to contact us at info@movingReviews.net whenever you have issues or questions about this policy statement.